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The Evolution of Talent Acquisition & Hiring Practices

Over the past two decades, Talent Acquisition has undergone a significant transformation. Following the onset of the pandemic, organizations have been compelled to revamp the way they attract, select, hire, onboard candidates and retain new hires.

The pandemic has driven many companies to undergo a complete digital transformation of these processes. This was necessary to adhere to social distancing requirements while simultaneously meeting the ongoing hiring demands of businesses. Similar to other corporate functions, talent acquisition faced the challenge of full digitization. For the first time, many organizations had to hire candidates without any in-person interaction with company representatives, prior to their first day of work.

Today, finding and retaining top talent is crucial for all businesses. Having an efficient and effective hiring process is key to every company’s success. Contact TalentbySP to help build a sustainable talent recruitment strategy that drives business growth, increases customer and employee engagement, and reduces recruitment expenses. Start your journey today, so you can hire better tomorrow.

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Re-designed Talent Acquisition functions (people, processes, technology) resulting in over five-million-dollar savings.

Talent Acquisition Consulting

We help organizations optimize their talent acquisition processes and strategies by partnering with businesses to provide expert guidance and support. Key aspects of our Talent Acquisition Consulting services include:

Candidate Experience

Our focus is on improving the candidate experience throughout the recruitment process. We provide guidance on creating engaging job postings, designing user-friendly and compliant application process, and effective candidate management process through their full-cycle.

Employment Branding

We assist organizations in building and promoting their employer brand. We help define the organization’s unique value proposition, develop employer branding strategies, and align recruitment efforts with the desired brand image.

Talent Analytics

Data is an essential part of the hiring process as it helps us understand the overall performance of your current Talent Acquisition function (people, processes, technology).
We help organizations gain insights into their recruitment performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize talent acquisition strategies.

Training and Development

We offer training programs and workshops to enhance the skills and capabilities of your recruitment team. This includes providing training on sourcing techniques, interviewing skills, candidate assessment methods, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Turnover Analysis

We conduct comprehensive turnover analysis to determine the dynamics associated with people leaving or staying in an organization. We identify: how many employees leave, the reasons why people leave or stay, the cost of turnover related to a disruption of business continuity.

Budget and Resource Management

We conduct a thorough review of your budget and historical data to assist in managing your recruiting costs and projecting expenses for the coming years. Our assessment includes an evaluation of partnerships, such as those with staffing agencies, job boards, and more, where we provide recommendations aimed at optimizing your return on investment (ROI).

Recruitment Strategy

We help organizations develop and refine their overall talent acquisition strategy. This includes defining recruitment goals, identifying target talent markets, creating employer branding strategies, and establishing effective sourcing channels.

Professional Search

We help organizations find the right talent for the right roles. We will help you find, engage, interview and hire the right person for your role.


Talent Acquisition plays a critical role in addressing hiring challenges by utilizing effective and compliant sourcing strategies, data-driven decision-making, candidate engagement, and aligning candidates’ skills with the organization’s needs. This results in a more efficient, compliant and successful hiring process, leading to the recruitment of the right talent for the right positions.

Our Talent Acquisition Consultants bring extensive experience in recruitment and talent management to the table. Their expertise is invaluable in helping organizations overcome hiring challenges and secure the right talent to drive business success.

Compliance in talent acquisition is not just a legal necessity but a strategic advantage for your organization. It helps you build a strong, diverse, and talented workforce while mitigating legal and reputational risks.

We use various metrics to measure the success of our services and the effectiveness of our recruitment strategies. The specific metrics may vary depending on your organization’s goals and priorities, but here are some common metrics we often use: Time-to-Fill, Cost-Per-Hire, Source-of-Hire, Diversity Metrics, Offer Acceptance Rate. In addition, we conduct an in-depth analysis to your hiring and turnover data to help determine future Hire and Turnover KPIs.

Yes. We can offer our expert guidance in the following Human Resources areas: Talent Management, Compliance, Onboarding, Training and Development.

This varies based on your organizational needs (project type, length, resources needed, organizational budget, etc.). Contact us today to schedule a complimentary 20-minute call to discuss your needs.



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